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A lifelong passion for music and the connections it nurtures brings Maria Wood to Kindermusik. Growing up in a house that revolved around a passion for music, with a pianist mother, a father who played guitar, and an aunt who lugged her harp on train journeys to play with the Boston Symphony, Maria’s life was destined to have music at its core. She started with playing clarinet in middle school, but soon taught herself flute, which she studied throughout high school and college. As an adult, she has taken piano and guitar lessons in an effort to broaden her scope as an instrumentalist. She has sung in choirs and choruses both in school and as an adult.

Teaching Kindermusik is a natural extension of Maria’s love of kids, music, and her conviction that the two together create something that is more meaningful than mere entertainment. The facts are well-documented. Listening to and participating in music helps kids (and adults!) learn in nearly every area. Music ‘lights up’ the brain and creates neural connections at an astonishing rate in babies and young children, and that it leads to more proficient readers, improves mathematical skills and pattern-recognition, improves language skills and even improves physical coordination and athletic performance.

One of the most fascinating and wonderful discoveries Maria made was that music has emotional and social benefit. Music-making is ‘outwardly mobile.’ The process of learning through making music involves a combination of expressing one’s self individually and of feeling part of a group at the same time. It’s a feeling of connection, of being part of something larger than “I don’t know this and they do,” or equally, “I know this and they don’t.” Maria brings to her Kindermusik classrooms the belief that singable, fun, and thoughtful music makes a difference in the lives of families, and she is eager to share her excitement with as many kids, parents, and friends as possible!


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